Who we are

We are a company of native craftsmanship that offers decorative handmade products, with stick and loom, with 100% wool from Patagonia. The wools we use have been finely selected and hand-spun by women from the southernmost area of Chile, who rescue the craftwork of this raw material, and pass it on from generation to generation. 
Likewise, most of the pieces are made on the María or Minerva loom by women from Santiago, who, day by day, are concerned with keeping this ancestral technique alive. Designs are completely local and made directly by the owners of Witralun.

Similarly, the products made with Raulí wood have been manufactured with the mastery of the artisans of the Araucanía region, and the cotton fabrics are made with much dedication by experienced seamstresses.

The origin of our name, Witralun, comes from the Mapuche culture and means “weave the wool”.

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